7/2016 Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC
Allen Organ. Fox House of Music. 

Our 8' Montre with French Mouths

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Columbus, OH
Allen Organ
St. Lucy Catholic Church, Methune, MA
Dick Pelland Organs
Johannus Organ

Winter 2015
St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Dickinson ND
Facade: Our 8' Aluminum Montre with 4' Aluminum Trumpet. Gold leaf Zimbelstern Star.
Allen Organs of the Twin Cities  Christopher Wallace 
St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Danville, PA

Robert M. Sides / Allen Organ

Residence Organ, Sarasota, FL

Baroque inspired case complete with cherubs and 23k gold leaf.

Casework finish: Faux Sienna Marble